Great! More Stuff To Collect!!!

Posted inThe Daily Heller

Even if you are a congenital collector, mid-century Modern furniture can be too expensive (and large). Vitra‘s minature masterpieces–beautiful little replicas of all the Eames-designed chairs and more–are still prohibitive at more than $200 a pop. But this weekend, I found an affordable line of li’l modern gems created by Reac/Japan (the Reina Design Interior Collection) while I was at Giant Robot in the East Village, New York.

For the space-challenged collector these teeny versions of monumental chairs from the Rietvelt to Le Corbusier to all manner of Eames, from one to three inches high, are, at $9.00 each, the best Modernist bargain in town. But if these are still too large for your cramped apartment, there’s always the Eames stamp plate available at better post offices everywhere.

(Note: Eames chair and ottoman sold seperately.)