Heavy With Goodness

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We see them everywhere, point of purchase display is a huge marketing industry. Some are clever, others not – rather most are not. The idea is to get consumers at the counter to buy on impulse. Just showing the product is a no-brainer, but add a little comedy and the world is the seller’s oyster, so to speak.

These made for Richardson’s “Maid of Honor” Fruits and Syrups (c.1948) are aimed at those with sweet teeth at the soda counter. The characters are as sweetly as their confections. So whether young or old this soda jerk and his little customer are designed to whet the appetite of trigger happy taste-buds. And what about the slogan . . .

“Heavy With Goodness,” eh?

Heavy with Goodness
Lemon Soda
Pineapple Sundae
Cherry Sundae