Hitler Has Only Got One Ball

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Blab World 1, edited by Monte Beauchamp, is now available, and like the earlier 12 issues of Blab, it is filled with comics and comics lore (even I have a short essay on R. Crumb’s Weirdo covers). But one of the most surprising features is James Lowe’s “Ax the Axis: Propaganda Caricature Art of World War II.” Lampooning der Führer in word, song, and picture is not new to me, but virtually every artifact in this article is, including “Der ‘Phew’ Rer” (Hitler as a skunk in chalkware), “Squealing Hitler” (a piggy bank), and the “Hitler and Tojo Rat Pin Cushion” (a stinging novelty toy), are among the many bits and pieces of propaganda that brought a little joy to the home front.

“Despite the fact that there were massive shortages of items in the U.S. caused by the demand for war supplies and official rationing, these propaganda items appeared in countless formats for Americans of all ages.”

For more, read Michael Dooley’s interview with Monte Beauchamp: