Hola Grafista

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Patrick Thomas, an English-born grafista who has lived in Barcelona for 15 years, and whose work appears frequently in The New York Times Book Review, will be featured in the latest exhibition at The New York Times Gallery 7 on Thursday. His graphics are rooted in popular iconography that is routinely re-purposed and re-composed; he transforms the most common visual artifacts into commentary on society and politics. Take his “Africa” (bottom) whereby all the nations and continents of the earth are reformed in an absurdist collision of plates to form an entirely new Africa. Thomas’ imagery is recognizable yet surprising, disturbing yet comforting–even in the context of his many guns and skulls. His screen prints are beautifully crafted, subtly colored, and smartly conceived–there is a certain comfort in that, is there not?

If you want to see more, RSVP to galleryseven@nytimes.com. The exhibition, curated by Nicholas Blechman, will be on Thursday, March 19, from 7-9pm at The New York Times, 620 8th Avenue, 7th Floor, in New York.