How the World Developed Around Photography

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Photography Changes Everything is a bold title for a book. It needs no subtitle. It is definitive. Edited by Marvin Heiferman, this book stems from the Smithsonian Photography Initiative.

More information from the SPI’s website:

At this transitional moment in the 21st century—as digital technology alters the form, content, and transmission of camera imagery—click! photography changes everything provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the history, spread, practice, and power of photography.

Click! Photography Changes Everything is a collection of original essays, stories and images—contributed by experts from a spectrum of professional worlds and members of the project’s online audience—that explore the many ways photography shapes our culture and our lives. A project of the former Smithsonian Photography Initiative, texts and content for click were commissioned and compiled between 2007-2010.

Smartly edited, every essay title begins with “Photography Changes . . .” The themes include everything from “The Struggle for Racial Justice” to “How We Communicate.” Even if photography is not your concern, this collection of insights and commentaries is an extraordinary analysis of how our lives have been altered by this amazing invention.

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