I Now Pronounce You

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By: Steven Heller | June 11, 2010

Advertising causes and beliefs on clothing goes back to the earliest ritualistic garments in which signs and symbols branded the wearer. And since we’re talking history, T-shirts didn’t exist before World War I (invented by the British army, don’t you know?). But now T-shirts are possibly the most ubiquitous means of projecting any public message.

The latest is “With Marriage and Justice for All,” a shirt produced by Paradoxy Products, an entrepreneurial firm that was started by Daniel Young. “We follow the classic precepts ofgood design – innovative concepts, ingenious use of materials,simplicity of form and operation, and, above all, connections to deepand beneficial philosophical principles,” Young reports.

Go here for this and other products, including some designed by Mirko Ilic.

With Marriage and Justice for All