I Want My MoMApp

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The iPad is not an electronic placemat, as the photo above implies, but it is the best thing to happen since the invention of sliced bread. For instance, beginning with the exhibition Abstract Expressionist New York, at The Museum of Modern Art through April 25, MoMA has announced a free application for the Apple iPad, now available through the App Store.

The Ab Ex NY App helps the user experience major works of art from the Abstract Expressionist movement, which catapulted New York City to the center of the international art world in the 1950s. The app is a useful resource before or after visiting the exhibition, or as a stand-alone guide to Abstract Expressionism through the lens of MoMA’s collection. Once there, you can switch to the iPhone app. I guarantee you’ll be very ‘appy.

See here what the SVA / MFA Interaction Design students have done with MoMA’s app.

I Want My MoMApp