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Illustrators magazine, a British publication about illustration practice and history, has been around for 18 issues, but I only heard of it the other day. Not to be confused with the American-based Illustration magazine, which also provides an invaluable chronicle of the legacy, this is a wellspring of the entire world of illustrative art. The cover story in the most recent issue is a generously illustrated piece on the great MAD parodist Mort Drucker.


There is also an enticing feature on Mexico’s most famous cartoonist/caricaturist, poster artist and letterer, Ernesto Garcia “El Chango” Cabral, who moved from art nouveau to art deco to a down-and-dirty comic style while remaining an outstanding draftsman.

Elrey Barrio

The history of illustration is earning more attention these days with scholarly periodicals like Journal of\ Illustration (Intellect Journals) and other venues for documentation and exhibitions. It’s about time. But it’s also the right time.


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