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OPEN IxD, the MFA Interaction Design Festival at the School of Visual Arts’ SVA Theatre 333 West 23rd St., from 9 am – 5 pm, is a celebration of the work from interaction design students who will present their thesis explorations alongside invited guests on stage. Inside the theater, the inaugural class presents stories and interactive work; outside, prototypes are on display for play and exploration.

What happens to our digital data when we die?

9:00AM: Registration and breakfast

10:00AM: Welcome: Liz DanzicoModerator welcome: Jennifer Bove, Paul Pangaro

10:15AM: Opening keynote: Scott McCloud

11:00AM: Lens 1: Discovery

11:40AM: Break

12:00PM: Lens 2: Connections

12:40PM: Lunch on your own

2:00PM: Lens 3: Mindfulness

2:45PM: Break

3:05PM: Lens 4: Play

3:45PM: Closing keynote: Marc Rettig

4:30PM: Closing remarks: Liz Danzico

Check out some projects here:

Jeff Kirsch – Bookish

Russ Machmeyer Motiv

Russ Machmeyer: Motiv video

Angela Huang: Hobnobber

Katie Koch: Cultivate

Kristen Grafe: Postgeist