Iraqi Refugees

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The Iraqi diaspora may become the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. Although the U.S. has promised to accept 20,000 out of the 4.5 million refugees, so far only a fraction have been admitted to the country. “These are truly innocent victims of the war, and in many cases, have supported American troops,” says Milton Glaser, who has developed a poster campaign for the International Rescue Committee. (The one above is partly sponsored by The School of Visual Arts in New York and hangs on one of the school’s buildings.)

The IRC initiative is based on interviews with, quotes from, and photographs of refugees who continue to be at risk. For more information on the IRC’s involvement, click here.

This one reads: “I was first in my class and headed for college when my street became a war zone. My cousin was killed, my father was threatened. We left everything and fled. Now we are refugees. We’re not allowed to work. We’ve run out of money. How will we survive?”