Is Tintin into Sin When Off-Duty?

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Tintin is an industrious young (teenage) lad, who—with his dog, Snowy—sleuths around the world in his role as boy journalist in search of a story. His so-called neutral character—sometimes called bland—”permits a balanced reflection of the evil, folly and foolhardiness which surrounds him” (at least, according to Wikipedia.) He retains straight and narrow Belgian ideals, which we assume to be shared by his creator, Georges Remi (1907–1983), who wrote under the pen name Hergé. Tintin never behaves in a way that could compromise his character’s status as a hero.

Yet apparently, when he’s off-duty and on leave from his comic panel, Tintin prefers sunbathing with semi-clad beauties to hanging with Snowy, as this sculpture I found in Rome suggests. I’m not certain that Hergé would approve. But it’s good to know that Tintin has some real human qualities, even in marble.