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While everyone is jittery about ISIS, designer Meital Gueta decided to transform its trademark ISIS (Daesh) flag into a Jewish New Year (Rosh Ha’shana) greeting card.

“On Rosh Hashana,” Gueta says, “we wish — Shana Tova Umetuka which translates to Happy and sweet year. A casual/young iteration of this would be Shana Dvash, which when translated means wishing for a honey year. (In Hebrew Dvash דבש means honey).”

New Year 2014

Daesh (some pronounce Daash) is the Arabic initials for ISIS (‘Dulat al-Islam fi al Iraq wal-Sham‘) The text within this design is a play on the Hebrew word Dvash דבש and the Hebrew letters of the word ISIS Daesh/ Daash דאעש,” she says.

“In the center of the flag, the circle (the official seal of the Prophet Muhammad) has been altered slightly from the original source and transformed into a pomegranate, a fruit that we bless on in Rosh Ha’shana,” Gueta says. “The wording inside is a blessing wishing — ‘Peaceful year to everyone’. The irony of the choice of the Pomegranate is in its translation, in Hebrew Pomegranate (pronounced Rimon), shares its definition with hand grenade.”

“The Hebrew type used throughout is based on elements from the original Arabic type that was in the flag, in order to maintain the overall aesthetic.”

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