Italian Type in Two Languages

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This week will be “type week” at the ole Daily H. Today, we focus on a beautiful new bilingual magazine and website, Tipoitalia, published by Claudio Rocha and Simone Wolf. With its focus on lettering, book arts, type history, and Italian digital typography, Tipoitalia is a valuable resource for professionals and students. Did I say beautiful? It’s that and more: The first issue offers a wealth of wonderful features, from letter box lettering (above), to covers of the great Campo Grafico magazine from the 1930s (below), to Nebiolo type specimens (bottom), and more. The website contains miniature pages from the magazine but also a downloadable PDF. But I urge you to get the printed version as well. If you cannot attend the SVA Masters Workshop in Venice and Rome, Tipoitalia is almost, but not quite, like being there. Join us tomorrow for more type stuff.