Jeff Roth’s Archival Pick: Mr. Arthur Millspaugh

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This is another in a mini-series of archival selections from Jeff Roth, a remarkable archivist, who has not only helped with some of my projects but runs the New York Times morgue, where folders filled with clips and photographs are buried. I’ve asked him to chose some of this favorite images and tell use why. Today: Mr. Arthur Millspaugh, deal between the U.S. and Iran when the U.S. were the good guys.

Arthur Millspaugh
Arthur Millspaugh

Arthur Chester Millspaugh, foreign trade advisor for the state department, who has been engaged by the Persian government to reorganize its financial affairs. It is understood that he has made a five-year contract, and will assume his duties in September. Mr. Millspaugh is a native of Michigan and former instructor in political science at John Hopkins University, Baltimore. He entered the State Department in 1918. Morgue folder#: 10-690. Date: 7/19/1925 NYTCREDIT: Harris & Ewing