Jews Need Not Apply

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This sounds suspiciously like Europe (and America) in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries when antisemitism was rampant, but it is now, today, aujourd hui. An ad for a graphic design job in France, according to the BBC, has been withdrawn after it said the candidate should “if possible not be a Jew.” The article published on Feb 3 reports:

protests against antisemitism - "je suis juif"

Mounting protests against antisemitism in France. Reuters.

Racial discrimination is illegal in France and anti-racism group SOS Racisme says it is taking legal action.

The ad was posted on Monday by Paris-based NSL Studio on jobs site

NSL Studio has apologised for the ad but offered various explanations as to why it contained the offending clause.

The company was quoted on Monday by French news website Les Inrocks as saying that the hours of work, particularly during busy periods, meant the candidate should not be someone with cultural or religious needs.

NSL Studio then tweeted that its advert had been hacked and thanked those who had brought the issue to its attention.

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