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You may have seen the recent bubbly ad campaign in magazines withthe alluring headline “Learn Graphic Design Fast.” At first glance Iwondered whether it was the equivalent of the traffic sign, “SlowChildren Crossing.” Maybe there should be a comma somewhere.

The ad for Shillington College in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, Manchester and now New York, has been causing some consternation in the blogosphere: Here are a few responses from a blog in the UK:

“This really pisses me off. This sort of thing damagesour industry. This gives the impression that Graphic Design is nothingmore than a set of rules, or a program to master, devoid of all meaningbeyond eye candy. What this course won’t teach you, is how to think!”“This sort of thing adds weight to the argument heard all the timefrom clients who just don’t see the value or artistry in design, veryoften we’re seen purely as people who know how to use a Mac…”“For me the heading just says it all. “learn graphic design FAST”,this will probably lead to “design me a logo FAST”, “build me a websiteFAST”, “do me a poster FAST”…”

But here’s what Shillington has to say:

“World class education needn’t take forever. It shouldbe well planned, continually adapted to the times and presented bypassionate professionals. That’s what happens at Shillington Collegeand we have the records to prove it.”

And here is word from an alumna:

“I have now finished the course in London, UK. You cantake the course here or in Manchester, and they have just finishedsetting up a school in New York. Of course you can opt to study inAustralia where Shillington has a great reputation, but the coursecontent is the same and its the portfolio you end up with that will getyou a job.”

Look here for student work and be the judge:

“The success of Shillington College is the student’sability to complete briefs that are relevant to current industrystandards.”

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Will this instant education ultimately value or devalue graphic design? Is this Just Add Water method a good way of cooking up new graphic designers? Or is adding talent the secret ingredient?

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learn graphic design fast