Killer Santas Runamuck

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This year’s SantaCon 2010 in New York began on December 11, 2010 at 10 am. On the agenda were naughty and nice carols as well as general mayhem suggestive of St. Patrick’s Day-style reverie.

SantaCon 2010 deployed its merry troops into Manhattan from 11 locales. I was ambushed at three of them: First at 11:00 am in Washington Square Park by a pack of marauding elves. Then on Fifth Avenue and 12th street, a squad of Santas and a platoon of reindeer encircled me. As I headed towards Fifth Avnue and 16th street, a gang of elves, five reindeer, two Mrs. Clauses and a dozen Santas in their fire red suits were in hot pursuit.

I was told I could either join them or suffer the Christmas consequences.

If you want to participate as a Santa, take note that Santa doesn’t just wear a cool suit but also brings gifts! A gift can be a reindeer game, a song, a dance or a joke to entertain Santa and tourists alike. Be sure also that you wear comfortable shoes and clothes as the whole SantaCon 2010 will involve a lot of walking activities.

I opted to celebrate the yuletide in my own private way, alone with a bottle of muscatel and some Oreos under the mistletoe.

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