Learn How to Be Cassandre in Your Own Home

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With this handy oblong booklet from Art Instruction Inc. you too can become a Commercial Artist and Designer. This is Division 10 on color. “All the world loves color,” say the Art Instruction masters. “To use it well and properly should be the aim of every student. … Above all, be aware of color. It is all around you. Everywhere there is light there will be color, since the two are inseparable.”

And to advance the study, the masters present advertising illos and posters by the best. Who wouldn’t want to learn the way A.M. Cassandre (second from top) mixed his hues. Here are some of the better examples.

commercial art and design
commercial art- say it with teleflowers
commercial art 024
commercial art- The NBC symphony ... Saturday -6:30
commercial art- Northwest orient airlines
commercial art 027
commercial art 028

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