Lemon Aid

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Other speakers of note at the OFFF conference in Paris were New York-based Kevin Grady and Colin Metcalf, the duo behind the multi-format Gum Magazine and bi-annual Lemon magazine. If you love things Lemon, like I do (including Jack Lemon, the “Lemon” VW Campaign, Liz Lemon, Peter Lemongello, Lemon Zinger Tea, Lemon Curd and Lemon Pledge), you’ll love this magazine. Even if you don’t, you’ll still find the Grady/Metcalf collaboration another reason why print should never die; nor is it dead yet. They’ve done a fabulous job of making an eclectic, high production, well designed and smartly conceived zine that has youthful content and an experimental format.

Each issue comes with a loosely knit theme, including one on Stanley Kubrick, in which artists and designers re-interpret classic Kubrickian scenes; one on David Bowie (below); and their forthcoming issue opens on the world of Michael Jackson, before the days of weird things, “when his music made people happy,” said Kevin during his OFFF presentation. The magazine is self-funded and relies entirely on sales, so if you have a passion for print, this won’t leave a sour taste. But it is tart: Even their pun-riddled subtitle, “Pop Culture with a Twist” is pretty clever.

Gum Magazine