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Overhead view from website, 6:00 PM, Friday December 10.

. . . Sagmeister Night and Day. Stefan Sagmeister’s live 24/7 overhead-feed on his website home page allows us all to see all his meisters working away. For clients its a great way to make sure their design dollars are well spent. For the rest of us we can see when Stefan is not globetrotting but working at his desk. Its truly a fascinating aerial view of a design firm. Watch here for a sped-up video. And here for the real time studio. And here’s what Sagmeister says about it:

“After many years we have decided to design a new website. Here we’ll announce any news for Sagmeister Inc., collect press and of course, also show our work. Additionally we have a store where you’ll soon be able to order Posters and other things that we believe you might want to pay for. Look around, check it out, and send us comments (, we’re still in the process of fixing the last bugs. Please enjoy!”

8:00 am, Saturday, December 11. Where is everyone?

5:00 pm Saturday, December 11. Still no Sagmeister.

8:00 pm, Saturday, December 11. The night is young.

8:00 am, Sunday, December 12. A day of rest? We'll see.

6:00 pm, Sunday December 12. Lights out.

10:55 am. Monday, December 13. Back to work.

2:30 pm. Monday December 13. I spy Stefan. Do you?

4:00 pm. Monday, December 13. A flurry of activity.