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Sappi Fine Paper North America recently announced The standard volume 5, the latest volume in its series of guides to designing for print. It showcases how special effects can make the printed page offer a more dimensional, tactile and interactive experience for audiences. The techniques shown in the guide are achievable for designers to prepare and can be done inline on a conventional press.

Sappi is partnering with 826 National, a nonprofit organization that provides under-resourced students with opportunities to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills. Coming together with the mission to promote creative thinking, Sappi, 826 National representatives,Kit Hinrich, and local designers are currently touring the country to discuss the work these designers have done on behalf of the nonprofit, as well as to celebrate how the printed page can come to life with special effects

826 LA

“826 National and our nonprofit network of chapters are dedicated to inspiring young people to embrace imagination,” said Gerald Richards, 826 National CEO. “Sappi Fine Paper North America shares our passion for inspiring creativity, and, taking this mission to heart, The Standard Vol. 5 showcases the intriguing concepts of the 826 stores with visually enticing special effects.”

The Standard 5 tour provides 826 with an opportunity to increase awareness within their community and reach a broader audience of potential volunteers. 826 chapters nationwide benefit from the participation of more than 6,000 dedicated volunteers each year, who help with a wide range of projects and activities, including:

– Live-illustrating stories being collectively written by classes on storytelling & bookmaking– Designing and producing books of student writing– Creating promotional materials like bookmarks and brochures– Working with students in-school on publishing projects, such as student newspapers– Offering time to work in retail storefronts

826 welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds and of all ages. The majority of volunteers are professionals who work in creative industries and media, similar to Sappi’s customer base, while others are educators, college students and retirees. Volunteers find out about 826 chapters through word of mouth in the writing world, as well as by visiting 826’s wackily themed storefronts. Some of their volunteers are also former 826 students who have returned from college. For more information on how to volunteer, go here.

The proceeds from The Standard 5 country-wide tour go to 826 National or to the 826 local chapters where the events are held. Copies of the Standard 5 are also being sold as a fundraiser at 826 locations.