Milk Makes Better Teens

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In 1949 the National Dairy Council conceived a checklist of virtues that the average American teenage boy should strive for. Of course, drinking milk was one of those virtues. In 1963 on the eve of the youth culture revolution, the same quiz was reissued in a modern package. The idea was to address the last vestiges of postwar/baby boomer teenage angst.

The booklet below tests personality. “Now we know that personality can be developed even though some may have it naturally to a greater degree than others do,” the introduction noted. “A group of high school boys helped prepare this little booklet,” it continued, “boys who, though interested primarily in their own problems, hoped their findings would be of interest to other boys.”

It suggests that the user may find himself better “adjusted” with better “habits” than they gave themselves credit for. “On the other hand, your attention may be called to a few points on which you will want to work.”

Whatever the answers, milk makes everything better, except if you’re lactose intolerant, like me.

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