Minds Were Blown

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Last Tuesday’s “reunion” of East Village Other alumni is history. But in its wake are an exhibition until the end of the month at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, essays on the personal recollections of EVO history, audio podcasts by EVO veterans (some quite moving and all quite informative), a video of the panel discussion and a brand new website “Blowing Minds; 1965-1972 / The East Village Other” devoted to archiving these materials.

With a growing interest in the media and movements of that socially and politically explosive era, the hope is to populate the website with fact and lore that will aid the future historian in analyzing the impact of the EVO universe.

Much was said on the panel, and much much more could have been addressed. But for now, get a taste of this period and its phenomena by going here.

(Below: Ed Sanders of the Fugs and Peace Eye Bookstore; Alex Gross and me).

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