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By: Steven Heller | March 26, 2009

If you missed Tuesday’s grand opening, it’s not too late to see the grand exhibition, OFF-ROADING: The Reinvention of the American Gas-Guzzler. It’ll be on view until April 11 at The SVA Gallery (209 East 23rd St, NYC).

Once again, Yugo Next creator Kevin O’Callaghan (chairman of SVA’s 3D design) had his students create an environmental experience that shocks, amazes, and transforms. Students in the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department acquired a 1980 Chevy “Monster” pickup truck, a vehicle infamous for its fuel inefficiency. They systematically disassembled it and each transformed different parts–from dashboard to flatbed cab, and more–into functional objects, giving the truck a new life other than the one it was intended to have.

Then, they turned the pieces into a living room set, complete with couch made from the flatbed and matching table made from the windshield (above), easy chairs, fireplace (below), assorted lamps (including one made from a tire rim and exhaust pipe), and chandelier. Oh yeah: O’Callaghan even made an end table out of the engine block. My favorite is the washing machine, made from the truck’s cab, that actually tumbles.

Participants include: Alexej Steinhardt, Bridget Rhee, Cesar De la Vega, Eun Jin Oh, Juhee Cho, Robert Paternostro, Sabina Ciari, Vanessa Lee, Alexandra Alcantar, Benjamin Taylor, David Waelder, John O’Callaghan, Kaori Sakai, Katelyn Hughes, Kathleen Ugurlu, Nicole Penna, Sarah Nguyen, Stephen Park, Sofia Libantoudi, Joe Pastor, and Ann Marie Mattioli. Maybe you guys can work on my Volvo next?