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By: Steven Heller | May 22, 2009

Today and Saturday, the people at Social Design Zine are hosting Più Design Può (“more design can”), a conference on social and political graphics. I will be one of the speakers in Florence, along with Mario Piazza, Giovanni Anceschi, Beppe Chia, Aldo Colonetti, Marcia Lausen, John Emerson, Michel De Boer, Marc Van Der Heijde, Gigi Pescolderung, Enrico Camplani, Emanuela Bonini Lessing, Antonio Romano, Alessandro Savorelli, Vieri Favini, Pietro Palladino, and Enzo Biffi Gentili. It is organized by Andrea Rauch and Gianni Sinni. Ms. Lausen will talk about the AIGA voting initiative. Mr. Emerson will address work for non-profits, and I will report on the end of the Bush typographic tyranny and the dawn of Obama’s typographic renaissance. I will also, internet connection permitting, report from the conference. (Or maybe I’ll just lounge around sunny and warm Florence and pet the wild boar).