Mortgage Rates as Sandlin’s Best

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David Sandlin’s 2011 comic/artist book, Mortgage, is arguably one of his best. Produced in an edition of only 200, its macabre imagery will send a shiver down the spine of any old mortgage holder or new mortgage getter. I asked Sandlin to tell me a bit about the genesis of the book. More info here.

What prompted Mortgage? Having financial troubles? It’s my ruminations on the financial and mortgage crisis.

Does this book mark any changes in the way you work? 10 of the pages ran in Strapazin and as a mini comic a year ago. I did it while I was a Cullman Fellow at the NYPL, looking at Yoshitoshi and Kuniyoshi prints in the NYPL Print collection.

It is so beautifully printed. How’d you do it? Drawings by hand, separations on the computer, proofed here and printed in silkscreen by Paquito Bolino at Dernier Cri in Marseille.