My Eleventh Most Favorite Record Cover

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Thumbnail for Bill Blackbeard's Final Splash Panel

I keep lists of my ten most favorite just-about-everythings (in caseanyone asks me for them). But occasionally, I add an eleventh for goodmeasure. So, my eleventh favorite album cover of all time is the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour(above). Not only is it the oddest Beatles cover, it’s the strangestalbum and film, goo goo ga choo, too. (Who was the Walrus, again?) The cover was designed by John Van Hamersveld, who also designed The Endless Summer film poster (bottom), the emblem of surf culture, and one of the more recognizable Jimi Hendrix posters (below), which he sells at his online poster store.

In this 41st anniversary year of the Summer of Love, it’s nice to remember those who were responsible for the graphics of that age.