The Mystery of Mysterious Fragments

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I don’t know what this is, but I know that I like touching, feeling and seeing it. Someone had fun doing it. Someone went to a lot of work to make it so random.

Hidden away in a designer’s archive, uncovered after his death, was this absurd curio of popular art and printing playfulness. Around 100 double-sided square pages in a ragged cardboard sleeve, dateless, nameless—anonymous—with only the mailing stamp below from Holland. It could have been an experiment or something more formal. It could have been a collection of random newsprint make-readies for a printer or a deliberate curatorial decision by an artist to make a statement about the state of art. It is fragile but intact. It is alluring but forbidding. It is vernacular yet something more than innocent happenstance. It is serendipity on yellowing paper stock, a few years away from crumbling to newsprint dust. For now, it is a mysterious collection of fragmentary fragments. Maybe someone reading this can illuminate the darkness and solve this mystery.


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