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There are many ways to learn about type and typography. For example, type is alive on the web in podcasts, webinars, and radio shows. But you may ask: Shouldn’t type be seen and not heard (about)? Isn’t type about as interesting to hear and see as watching dust accumulate? Think again. The below sampling of downloadable typographic webcasts are just perfect for lonely drives, solitary evenings, and jogs around the reservoir. In no particular order, here are are but a few type shows:

Typeradio. Since 2004, Typeradio has been visiting different design events around the world, to meet designers and to talk.

49 Sparks. These video podcasts about passionate type designers and printers are focused on design and trends and are about one minute long.

Graphic Design and Typography in China. Lectures from the Shanghai International Literary Fest 2009. Listen toPan Jian Feng (type designer), Ou Ning (curator), and Lynn Pan(historian). With discussion of Marinetti and Futurism.

Arabic Typography 2008. An Evening of Arabic Typography in Amsterdam. Brief presentations by Thomas Milo and Tarek Atrissipreceded a general introduction of the topic by Titus Nemeth, allactive in Arabic typography.

Thinking With Type. Ellen Lupton’s extensive series based on her popular book of the same name.

Typoglogy. My own quirky overview of display type from the Victorian to Postmodern eras.

On The Bauhaus. Part of the MFA Designer as Author Lecture Series, Keith Godard speaks about the Bauhaus–and its typography, of course.

Hoefler on WNYC. Jonathan Hoefler (and me) on The Leonard Lopate Show.

Behind the Typeface. An informative and delightful biography of Cooper Black.

Hand-trimming Wood Type for Letterpress Printing. For the type craftsperson, a demonstration from the Hamilton Woodtype & Printing Museum.

A Lesson on Typography. A slick yet interesting animation on typography by the Vancouver Film School.

Typomania. A short video by Erik Spiekermann teaching type consciousness to kids.

And as a bonus: Here’s a historic article on the front page of the on typography.