Not Too Much Information

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Information can be easy or hard to digest. The Graphics Department of The New York Times makes complex information easier to understand. This is one reason why they are the 2009 winners of the Communications Design Award of the 10th National Design Awards. This is how the citation reads:

“The Communication Design Award, which honors work in graphic or multimedia design, is presented to The New York Times Graphics Department.The New York Times has a long history of groundbreaking information graphics. From Sept. 11, 2001, when the department produced scores of maps and diagrams explaining the attacks and their aftermath, to the2008 presidential election when the desk built the interactive maps on, the Times Graphics Department provides readers with a visual way to understand the news. A staff of cartographers, illustrators, researchers and developers work as a team to shape and deliver information by reporting, writing, designing, drawing andprogramming information graphics for both the printed newspaper and Over time, the graphics have evolved from simple maps and charts to more complex visualizations, but the goal of authoritative,accurate journalism has remained the same.”

Congratulations to all those on the Graphics team pictured above. Bravo for these awards too. Congratulations to Design Director and Assistant Managing Editor Tom Bodkin for building such a fine department. And if you want to read more about Times graphics, check out this 2008 Q&A with award-winning Graphics Director Steve Duenes.

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