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With election season upon us, Chris Thomas and Julia Thomas, partners at the Brooklyn-based design studio Hieronymus, are revisiting 30 Reasons, their popular month-long e-mail and internet poster campaign encouraging voters to reelect President Barack Obama.

Bonnie Siegler.

The project started four years ago during the last presidential elections and ultimately drew over 100,000 views. “But, better than that,” the curators note on their website, “President Obama won!”“And now that we’re facing a crucial election again, we’ve revived 30 Reasons and asked 30 talented artists and designers to each create one poster describing their reason to reelect President Obama. In another year when the direction of this country seems so fragile, we are hoping that we can contribute with design in some measure. We all have the ability to speak up, to stand up, to impact the course of this country.”

The question, of course, is how effective partisan poster campaigns can be when the airwaves are teeming with well-funded 30-second skewers. Look at the collection here and draw your own conclusions.

I know some of our readers do not support the President’s candidacy, but as yet the Daily Heller has not seen a similar campaign for Mr. Romney. If one surfaces, we’ll cover it here.

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