Old Symbols for Italy’s New Ultra-Right Party

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Forza Nuova (New Force) is the latest fascist wannabe on Italy’s right wing. And although relatively new to the scene, its poster (below) borrows vintage imagery from a certain long-defeated German nationalist party. The FN’s logo, while looking a little Barbara Kruger, uses that same German nationalist party’s favorite colors.

Recent poster in Rome for the Forza Nuova, with a sculpture that resembles the work of the Nazi artist Arno Breker

An Arno Breker relief

Breker defined the perfect Aryan.

Forza Nuova belongs to a confederation of old and new European ultranationalist parties called the European Nationalist Front (FNE), whose President is Robert Fiore. Fiore is also the founder of Forza Nuova. The group includes as members the National Democratic Party of Germrany (NPD), the National Revival of Poland (NOP), the New Right (ND) of Romania, the Falange of Spain, and the Golden Dawn (XA) of Greece. Each organization has its own national nuances and idioms, but they share extreme anti-immigrant, anti-semitic, pro-nationalistic, racist, violent ideas and employ new media and crowdsourcing for outreach. (Members of the German Federal government have moved to constitutionally ban the NPD—more here.)

The Forza Nuova logo: hip type and Nazi colors

The Spanish Falange adopted Franco’s nationalist symbol.

The Romanian Right Wing borrows from the White Aryan Resistance in the U.S.

Poland’s arm and sword, the only original mark

The Greek Golden Dawn’s Chrisi Avgi logo

The European National Front, a little of everything ultraright

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