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A competition to provide the anti-Putin Open Russia movement with a new logo (to replace this) has been announced. Open Russia was founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky in 2014 to connect and unite Russian citizens who seek a state governed by the rule of law, with a strong civil society, regular free and fair elections and the promotion of European values.

The movement shares the name of the Open Russia Foundation established by Khodorkovsky and Yukos Oil Company shareholders in 2001, with the aim of building and strengthening civil society in Russia. The Open Russia Foundation is remembered for its successful programs such as the School of Public Politics, the Federation of Internet Education, New Civilization, and the Club of Regional Journalism, to name a few. By 2006, however, a systematic campaign of harassment and intimidation by the Russian authorities had made it impossible for the foundation to continue its work.

It is time for a new logo and Serge Serov, member of a jury, says, “It is very important [for] the participation of foreign designers.” So enter here.

Here are some of the candidates:


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