Happy Bird Day

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By: Steven Heller | November 26, 2009

For those of you vegans and vegetarians, T-Day is not “turkey day.” So we at Daily Heller Audubon Central have come up with a bird that no one (in good conscience) could ever eat. Welcome to the first annual “owl day.” Who-who-who does not like owls? Just look at these guys and tell me you’re hungry. What’s more owls are symbols of so many things. So, can you name any logos using the wise birds? I can think of Wise potato chips and Prexy “the hamburger with a college education.” What else?

[Editor’s Note: Tomorrow, the day after Thanksgiving, we will not email the Daily Heller, but we will publish another bird related post. So please visit the main site for another uninterupted DH.]

Barn owl
European Owl
barred owls perched