Pandora Hits Avatar Iceberg

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If you liked James Cameron’s waterlogged “Titanic,” you may or may not like his latest epic, “Avatar,” but you will probably like the closing credit song, Leona Lewis’ “I See You,” which recalls Celine Dion’s cloying “My Heart Will Go On” from the earlier film. If I liked “Avatar” at all, which I did not, “I See You” would have been the crowning prosaic disappointment. Instead it was just one of many.

The film, which has received well-deserved praise for its awesome special effects, is all gloss and, moreover, an ill-cast, poorly scripted, cliche-ridden, emotion-manipulating tale (even though it is a metaphor addressing the crimes of manifest destiny). “I hope this is not the future of movies,” said one critical movie-goer sitting near me. But alas, if the coming attractions where I saw it are any indication, more of the same is on the way: “Legion,” “Clash of the Titians,” and more super-mythic fantasies are waiting in the wings. So brace yourself for a plethora of special FX films and, ugh, more logos, like this.

However, other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how’d you like the show?