Phobia Mini-Golf, Anyone?

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Start your summer vacation the right way with a visit to “Off Course,” 18 holes of mini-golf madness brought to you by the SVA MFA Design first year class. Be warned though, you’ve never putted at a place like this. Every hole embodies a bizarre phobia! With each swing, you may find yourself closer to irrationality. Or perhaps you’ll drive your fears away!

SVA MFA Designer’s 3D champion and groundskeeper extraordinaire Kevin O‘Callaghan curates this rollicking exhibition with the first-year students in the school’s MFA Design department. Each student designed a golf hole and created a suite of products related to their chosen phobia—all on display for a limited time.

You’ll get sucked in by the fear of vacuum cleaners at Elliott Walker’s Zuigerphobic golf hole!

Feel the 8-bit anxiety with Soo Ji Han as you putt along with Pac Man!

Radio-activate your brain on Derek Munn’s atomic green!

Still don’t have your golf shoes on?

Hustle your way to Chorophobia with Elisa Bates and her disco dance floor!

Test your sanity with Camille McMorrow’s multiple choice mayhem!

Afraid of a long wait? Take a number with Jesse Yuan and learn about Macrophobia!

Plus so much more, from sand crabs, to fortune tellers, every hole is sure to entertain and challenge.

Play a round at the opening reception on May 9th, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the SVA Gallery and Visual Arts Museum, 209 E. 23 St., New York, NY. The course and products will be on display from May 6 through May 27, 2011.