Posters Against Evil

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Images De L’Espagne Franquiste (Images of Franco’s Spain) with drawings by Badia-Vilato and text by Mateo Santos is both beautifully stylized and shockingly symbolic. Published in France by the National Alliance of Democratic Spain, the images comprised a frontal attack on the repressive government that robbed the nation of its liberty.

1929-47 — the tragic balance sheet of eight years of Fascist ‘regime’ in Spain is summarized by eight years of persecutions, imprisonments, tortures, hanging and shooting, destitution, suppression of the most essential political rights, gagging of the press, severe censure of the theatre, the cinema, and literary and other artistic activities.

This marks the bloody year that Francisco Franco and his Phalange (Falange) party ran “the whole gamut of terror and barbarism,” noted Santos. And, he added, “this yoke will continue to degrade the Spanish people and dishonor the civilized world as long as the General who sold his country continues to usurp political power.” Franco remained in iron-fisted control until his death in 1975.


Spain is republican to the heart.


Shoulder to shoulder.


1947, The firing squads carry on.


A single word: Death!


Vision of death.


For the guerillas, Victory is in sight.


Religious fanaticism.




Prostitution and destitution.


Educational system in Spain. Yoke and arrows (the arrows are a symbol of the Phalange).


The eagle wounded.


Spain today and tomorrow.

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