Print Is Dead—Not! An Occasional Series

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In fact, not only is print not dead, but the art of illustration is not dead either, if we believe Varoom!

This is the smartly designed UK magazine of the Association of Illustrators that, well, folded when it was a magazine but was resurrected as a full-color tabloid newspaper. Presumably, when the editors of Varoom! got the print-is-dead memo, they went out and bought a forest full of pulp.

Cover by Stephan Walter

It’s not just the paper; it’s what’s printed on it. If there is any doubt that creative illustrative art—or illustration—is alive and well, then Varoom!’s editorial content should allay such dire fears and predictions. The art is engaging, the articles are well written, and this particular thematic issue devoted to “This is Entertainment” is as insightful as it is entertaining.

For more on this and past issues visit here and be inspired, if not a little envious.

Story about Noma Bar

Street graphics of the past.

Illustration by Henrik Drescher.

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