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Stasys Eidrigevicius (pronounced Stacease Edri-gaav-ichus), a Lithuanian-born artist living in Warsaw, Poland, is among the stars of the Polish poster. He is also a media polymath with a vision all his own.

Stasys’ first works were bookplates, small etchings, aquatints, gouaches and pastels. He exhibited his ex libris bookplates while still a student. His mastery of the metal techniques was appreciated a number of times, such as in 1973 when, as a student of the Vilnius Institute of Fine Arts, he took part in the Bookplat Biennial in Malbork and was awarded an honorary medal. These miniature graphic works were the first in which he started to present his intimate world of childhood in a fairy-tale, nostalgic manner.

They were followed by book illustrations, mostly for children, which earned him international recognition.

These etchings are among my treasures. In such a small space they reveal the power of his draftsmanship and the joy of his surreal imagination.

Stasys Eidrigevicius
Stasys Eidrigevicius
Stasys Eidrigevicius