Progessively Sinning

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Slumburbia, by painter, comics artist, and illustrator David Sandlin, is a hand-bound silkscreen book (below) that folds out to be 27 feet long. It’s the final volume of his series A Sinner’s Progress — a long, rambling visual mediation on sloth and indolence, with a soupcon of lust thrown in.

If you happen to be at Art Basel, June 10-14, Printed Matter is showing Slumburbia, along with the other silkscreen and offset volumes of the almost complete Sinner’s Progress series. (Sandlin’s work (above) blends the gory and gooey with the sublime.) If you’re in the old Constantinople (yes I know it’s Istanbul) on August 12, Slumburbia will also be displayed at the Pera Museum in “Octet,” an exhibition curated by Peter Hristoff and Suzanne Anker, chair of the SVA Art department. But if you’re unable to attend that one and you’re stuck in New York City between June 16 and July 30, there is an opening June 18, 6 p.m. at the IPCNY summer exhibition “New Prints 2009/Summer-Portraits,” at 526 W. 26th Street, 8th Floor.

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