Putting the Pro in Pro Bono

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I am participating on a committee of New York designers called desigNYC with the mission of improving life in NYC by connecting nonprofit and civic groups in need of design assistance with professional, pro bono design resources. We’re the matchmakers.

Just completed is the selection of a group of amazing nonprofit organizations that we believe are doing important work in NYC that could be enhanced by design.


Would you or your firm would be interested in donating design services in support of any of the shortlisted projects? The design services needed run the gamut from graphics to landscape to interiors to sustainability and more. The process will go something like this:

DesigNYC will connect the organizations with design professionals that seem like a good fit The design firm and the organization will work together to define the scope, deliverables, and schedule to get the job done (most projects are in the 2-to-4 month range). DesigNYC will provide guidance and promotion/advocacy, as well as a networking community for all involved. The design firm will have done a public service and will be recognized for its contribution, and the organization will be more able to succeed because of it!

To register to provide pro bono design services, please click here.