Q: What Letter Spells Hate? A: Q

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What is QAnon, you ask?

For the uninitiated: "On 28 October 2017, 'Q' emerged from the primordial swamp of the internet on the message board 4chan," as The Guardian wrote in 2018. "In a thread called 'Calm Before the Storm,' and in subsequent posts, [the writer, dubbed] Q established his legend as a government insider with top security clearance who knew the truth about a secret struggle for power involving Donald Trump, the 'deep state,' Robert Mueller, the Clintons, pedophile rings, and other stuff."

QAnon is a dangerous conspiracy-mongering internet-based movement that has turned a letter into a hate-savvy meme. It has bolstered the not-so-laughable Pizzagate theory outed by New York Magazine, and assorted other lunacies believed and promulgated by influencers and manipulators and filtering down to the moron not-so-fringe. And the complex pro-Trump conspiracy theory is starting to having unpredictable effects on real life. This morning The New York Times reported that, by next year, QAnon "will most likely make its way into Congress: A QAnon supporter, Marjory Taylor Greene, is almost sure to be elected after winning a Republican House primary runoff in Georgia this week."

What's worse, in the scheme of Trump-era incomprehensibility, is that the ultra-right has captured one of our most beautiful letters. Take 'Q' back from the quacks!

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