Real Alternative News Was Not Fake

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Paul Krassner, one of the most acidic commentators and satirists of the 1960s, published The Realist as an alternative to mainstream news. You might call it alternative newsindeed some of it was speculative news. It was often offensive news, never defensive or on-the-fence news. It was the gateway publication to the ’60s underground press; it was The Onion, The Final Edition and The Huffington Post of its day.

Some might call parts of it “fake,” while many would call it unsubstantiated fact. I call it a breath of fresh, free-floating boundless truth that represented a generation tired of the mainstream press (right and left) conservatism. My colleague Michael Dooley wrote about Krassner and The Realist here.

The magazine was never great to look at, although some superb cartoonists, including Robert Grossman, were among its contributors. But at this time in history, looks are not everything. We need some real alternatives to combat the fakers who say all news is farce. The real farce is if we believe the press is fake.


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