Return to Sender

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The other day I received a letter within a letter from Marian Bantjes. Ever the wily one, Bantjes sent an unopened envelope from a third party that came with this message and challenge:

letter from Marian Bantjes

The unopened letter is addressed to Robert Wagner, the once handsome leading man who in real life was married to Natalie Wood, and a few years back was in Austin Powers and recently served as a guest host on TCM (Turner Classic Movies). The whole thing is a veritable art project for Valentine’s Day – or post-VD.

letter from Marian Bantjes

The letter I received (she sent others to many friends) was originally mailed from the Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic in 1957 (before the dictator of the same name was deposed) to Mr. Robert Wagner at MGM in Hollywood, no street address was needed. And yet it was never opened, remaining sealed all these many years.

letter from Marian Bantjes

Marian’s challenge to keep the letter sealed for all eternity is a toughie. What could the sender Maria Armenteros Mallo have wanted to say? Was Wagner a heartthrob or a headache for her? Such a mystery.

I have yet to decide what to do. So for now I’ll just listen to this song by another leading man.