Rome’s Bubbly New Logo And Its Fascist Critics

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Rome’s new tourist logo, a shield with colored bubbles replacing the traditional crown, aroused the ire of the neo-fascist punks: “Members of the far-right Youth Front on Tuesday made Fascist salutes and shouted “mercenaries” at Rome city officials over a new English-language logo used to promote the Eternal City, which simply says “Rome & You,” writes ANSAen, an Italian news site. “The (old) shield with SPQR on it represents our roots,” the protesters declared.

The new logo, which even a left-wing observer refers to as “controversial as usual,” is one of the many Italian touristica logos that have prompted criticism among Italians of all political stripes.

Rome’s crown logo
Rome’s new logo
Rome & you sign
Rome & you card
Rome & you shirt

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