Saturday Extra: Does Publishing Have a Future?

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There’s a big question floating around the illustration universe, like a supply module waiting to dock with the International Space Station. Does publishing have a future? And if so, where is illustration in that future? The answer is pretty obvious, don’t you think? But if you haven’t figured it out yet, perhaps the place to find the answer (or answers) is at ICON 6 where during the long-awaited opening of the three day conference about illustration (July 14 – 17), the keynote will be not one or two but a gaggle of publishing experts, Scott Daidich of Wired, Jim Heimann of Taschen, Jeremy Clark of Adobe, Kelly Doe of the New York Times, and moderated by Roger Black of Roger Black Inc. One hopes the answer will reflect the “sunny side,” or the rest of this great programmed conference is going to be pretty bleak.