Sharing Skills Through Skillshare

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I am proud and yet a little embarrassed to present my first Skillshare online class on the theme of Research, Reading and Writing (the three R’s of design commentary and journalism). See the trailer (and a few personal confessions) here.

the designer's guide to writing and research

The six video (total 30 minute) class involves an assignment, writing a 500 word essay about the design of an object in your general vicinity. Skillshare invited me to proctor your exercise and help prepare you for an initial dive into the cold waters of criticism, commentary and narrative.

I hope you will join me as I share my curious path to becoming a “design writer.” Visit Skillshare here.

the designer's guide to writing and research

For more resources, check out HOW and Print’s suite of videos at HOW Design University Video, covering everything from interactive design to print design, in-house design to freelance design, sessions from HOW Design Live, and everything in between. Click here for a free three-day trial.