Shepard Fairey’s Densely Collaged Relief

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“I think using the visual allure of nostalgia, but subverting it with a contemporary conceptual twist, can be powerful, and not just pastiche,” Shepard Fairey says. And now it’s time to see what Shepard Fairey has been conjuring up for the past five years. On Our Hands, an exhibition of new paintings by Fairey at Jacob Lewis Gallery (521 W. 26th St, New York City), will be on view Sept. 18–Oct. 24, with a public opening reception 4–8 p.m. Sept. 17.


On Our Hands is the first solo exhibition of Fairey’s paintings in New York City since 2010. In his new body of work, “Fairey builds up the surface of his canvas in densely collaged relief, calling to mind a city wall layered with decades of distressed flyers. The paintings reflect on contemporary issues facing our global community: political corruption, environmental apathy and abuse of power. The exhibition is marked by a focus on corporate influence in government and the resulting inaction toward environmental concerns by the powers that be,” notes the gallery’s release.

covert to overt

The exhibition coincides with Fairey’s new monograph Covert to Overt, published by Rizzoli. A limited number of copies will be available for advance purchase at Jacob Lewis Gallery before the book’s release date.

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