Slum Gods and Goddesses Part 2 – Livecast

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A run of East Village Other given by an editor to The NYU Fales Library and Special Collections at Bobst Library has triggered a series of events including an exhibition, “Blowing Minds: The East Village Other, The Rise of Underground Comix and the Alternative Press, 1965-1972,” and a panel discussion. This celebration of EVO (home of the Slum Goddess of the Lower East East) and the Gothic Blimp Works is the first such gathering in decades.

The panel on Feb. 28, to be livecast on this site, will feature some of the EVO’s alumni: Ed Sanders, me, Claudia Dreifus, Dan Rattiner, EVO editor Peter Leggieri and writer and activist Alex Gross. John McMillian, author of “Smoking Typewriters: The Sixties Underground Press and the Rise of Alternative Media in America,” will moderate.

“Blowing Minds” is co-sponsored by N.Y.U.’s Program in Museum Studies, and Fales Library and Special Collections at Bobst Library, which just acquired, for its renowned Downtown Collection, Peter Leggeri’s nearly full pristine run of EVOs and of its eight-issue comix paper, Gothic Blimp Works.

Coverage and history can be found here and here and here.

And from the organizer, Brooke Kroeger, here’s how to get the livecast:

“Open the home page of The Local East Village at around 6:29 pm on Tuesday, Feb. 28. There will be a black box in the top news spot in the large column, likely with a headline that tells you it’s the livecast. It will come alive as soon as the program starts. That’s all there is to it.”