Smack It, Crack It, Chip It, Melt It

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Who remembers the jingle with the tagline BO-NO-MO-OH-OH-OH . . . TURKISH TAFFY. Originally distributed through Woolworth’s stores in large sheets from which pieces were broken off with a ball-peen hammer. In the late 1940s, Bonomo released a version in candy-bar size which the purchaser could smash against a hard surface to break into sharp bite-sized shards. Imagine what it did to the teeth.

In 1949, Turkish Taffy became one of the first candies advertised on television. Bonomo created and sponsored The Magic Clown on NBC. The pieces were chewy and quite a bargain at a cost of 5¢ in the 1960s.

turkish taffy - bonomo

In 1980, the candy became part of the Tootsie Roll Industries line of candies and was discontinued in 1989. But Bonomo didn’t get the message because I just bought two bars for over $5.

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